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January 2011

Bang on a Can Live: Second Opinion

January 31, 2011

Reynolds Theater was only about half full for the Bang on Can All-Stars’ show with Glenn Kotche, for easily guessed reasons. To the patrons who usually fill up Reynolds to see chamber ensembles on weekend nights, the arrival of this experimental troupe might have made Friday seem like a good time to catch The Lion

Live Review: Bang on a Can All-Stars

January 31, 2011

Right before the Bang On A Can All-Stars show started on Friday night, the young fellow sitting behind me said to his date: “I have no idea what this is. There’s, like, instruments and such.” I wouldn’t be surprised if he said the same thing afterwards. That’s not a putdown of BOAC and special guest

Bang on a Can vs. the Duke New Music Ensemble

January 30, 2011

At the Jan. 28 coaching session with members of Bang on a Can All-Stars, the Duke New Music Ensemble played two pieces from the program for their upcoming concert of covers entitled “DNME and its Astro-Infinity Jukebox,” which will be performed on Sunday, January 30 at 3:30 pm in the Nasher Museum of Art Auditorium. The Bang on

The Bad Plus Talks Stravinsky

January 28, 2011

Everything and everyone is on the Periodic Table. You will eat, love, procreate, and die; your ashes will be scattered in some tranquil, remote environ; breezes will carry them into storm clouds and rains will wash them into fields; molecules will release each other and latch onto others in the soil; carrots and beans will

Sex, Circles, and Merce Cunningham’s “Sounddance”

January 28, 2011

The third episode of the documentary web-series “Mondays with Merce” is devoted to 1975’s  “Sounddance,” which features in the Merce Cunningham Dance Company’s program at DPAC on Feb. 4 and 5. Early in the episode, Cunningham tells the interviewer, “A circle is something you can do. And a circle can be small or big, or it

Mozart’s Dissonant Moment

January 27, 2011

In its free Lunchtime Classics series in the Perkins Library Rare Book Room, the Ciompi Quartet has been exploring the works of Mozart. On Tuesday, their performance of the String Quartet No. 19 in C Major, nicknamed “Dissonance” for the weird Adagio at the beginning, left me puzzled. Not “there must be a mistake in